Muriithi Samwel

A message from the CEO.

Average, may be a description good enough and fit for most. At Blaise Meat Suppliers however, we want far much more than is average. We strive to be part of that team in the society that even in times to come, will be remembered for being instrumental in the transformation of the practices in the meat industry, and in our day to day trading culture.

Our passion therefore is to ensure that through our initiative of leading by example, we inspire a society keen in ensuring great health and the general wellness of its members. Through this initiative, we intend to raise the standards that the society has set for itself, not only in matters pertaining to the meat industry, but also in the commitment to always achieve the greatest, and never the average.

We at Blaise have decided that, like charity usually begins at home, the transformation we want to see has to start from within ourselves, and within ourselves. As a result, we have created means and systems of operations ensuring our conformity to the standards that we have set for ourselves, and those set by our regulatory bodies.

At the same time, we have instilled a sense of development of personal values in our employees, not only for an end in making high profits, but mainly as a means to contribute and improve the welfare of our communities and the society at large no matter how remotely, by practicing business and social engagements that depict honesty, integrity, fairness, transparency, trust, leadership and staying true to self.

Our measure of success therefore goes beyond Shillings and cents, but rather encompasses all positive dealings and practices in all the spheres of a working society. May our image therefore not be judged as a result of a narrative, our narrative, but instead as a result of our actions that will impact on the society.

Thank you, and welcome to Blaise Meat Suppliers.

Muriithi Samwel;

Founder and Chief Executive Officer.