Our Suppliers

Our supplier relations are key in our mode of operations and delivery of what we promise. We have an extensive network of suppliers who make a critical contribution to the continued success of our business.

We take a partnership approach when working with suppliers and service providers, and seek suppliers who share a similar vision like we. We look to see where they, and us, can add value to the relationship to make sure the partnership is successful.

We do this by:

  • Continuing to monitor our relationships with suppliers and treating them fairly.
  • Supporting suppliers where we can strengthen our communities and economies.
  • Providing timely feedback throughout in our working relations.
  • Supporting our suppliers and appreciating their expectations.

Our procurement strategy concentrates on delivering sustainable value, as well as excellent quality and service to our customers and consumers.

As a customer, we hold close our agreements with our suppliers and practice our values of honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, being law abiding, transparency and accountability.

We use a competitive process and select suppliers who demonstrate experience, qualifications, good financial standing, cost competitiveness, proper business ethics and a proven cleanliness and health record.

We believe that good, ethical business conduct as the foundation of our workplace are vital in maintaining a positive reputation with our customers and regulators. Our integrity is based not only in our integrity, but also on the integrity of our suppliers. Therefore unless a supplier has their own Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (CEBC) we find truly promising, we expect them to aspire to conduct business in a manner consistent with our CEBC.

Our Code of Ethical Purchasing (CEP) sets out our expectations of suppliers. CEP requirements are integrated into our supplier qualification process, to ensure that all new suppliers are aware of our expectations from the very beginning.

Being a supplier to Blaise meat suppliers means you have particular responsibilities and formal requirements we need that you follow such as the acceptance and commitment to our CEP and CEBC, unless you have one that we find consistent with our own.

Please check our CEBC, and CEP in our downloads section.

You are wholly welcome to Blaise Meat Suppliers, and we look forward to doing business with you.

Thank you.